Saturday, February 21, 2009

Moral Policing

After a series of posts, where I have cribbed about Kolkata, here is one where I'll be full of praise. "It does not happen in Kolkata", we would say, and yes, I am talking about the Mangalore Pub Incident.

Some of my reflections on the above incident:

  • As free Indians, we are free to choose the lifestyle we want to lead
    I am not arguing either for or against a lifestyle of booze and party ... just believe that the decision of my lifestyle should be on my own.

  • The victims of this incident created envy on the predators
    There is a class of Indian middle class society have achieved some sort of economic freedom, because of their hard-work (or their parents). They can afford to these sort of a lifestyle. We Indians, as a rule like to flaunt our wealth, and other less hard working, gets green with envy, and being true "Dog in a Manger" becomes a predator. Instead, if they would have invested in themselves, by educating themselves during their schools and colleges, they could have been free to choose their own lifestyles too.

  • It again boils down to education
    May be a bit too strong a point that goes here... but Indian Political leaders have been popular by sycophancy, and we all know educated people cannot be fanatics, thus it is in their own interest politics does not promote education of the masses.

  • People argue that these kind of lifestyle is bad for society
    You are free to choose the lifestyle you lead, and educating your children is your responsibility...not others. Make them educated, teach them to think logically and they would choose what they believe what is good for them.

  • A little more on education
    The people who have been victimized in the Mangalore incident, I believe they are from educated, hard-working class. Since they have a decent education, they can afford what they can do. We all should get educated to be acceptable globally.

  • I am proud to say ... this does not happen in Kolkata
    People from Kolkata are more cosmopolitan, though there may be small stray incidents, overall we are more tolerant, and disciplined.


prabhu said...

Lets declare January 24th as "The Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Free Women". Thats the day when Mangalore Pub attack took place.

Lets use the same day to represent our collective will, cultural understanding and resilience against the moral policing brigade and religious fundamentalist groups.

Let Culture not be the amount of skin we expose/cover.

Let Culture be a quality of our Heart!

richard said...

Hm,sounds familiar.

Deedz2Remember said...

Hey Shubhra,

Sorry maan mid terms and office work nearly broke my back. So unfortunately could not carry out our little conversion. However spring break is here, so enjoying freedom for a week.

Ok, agree to most of you have said, bar point number two. Yes two often we find it convenient to wallow in a sense of victimisation and blame others. But this notion Instead, if they would have invested in themselves, by educating themselves during their schools and colleges, they could have been free to choose their own lifestyles too. is not completely true. Both of us are aware that a wide swath of the public which just does not have a level playing field. With India’s highly privatized education and dysfunctional government institutes those without the means just do not have the opportunity. And this is just not for education but for most important things like healthcare, nutrition, housing etc.

By the way have you been reading Protibad? ;)


Shubhra said...

Thanks Dipto for your comments. I also had been away for a while, life kept me busy and any topic did not move me enough to pen a few words.

Ajay Bansal said...

This is poor cribbing!! If you really want to look for "Quality" cribbing, go here: