Sunday, July 18, 2010

Animal Farm

Recently I was reading a book by Rajsekhar Basu (Parasuram), where a herd of cows were being ruled by a lion, and who was devouring them regularly. Fed up with the rule, the cows led an upheaval, killed the lion, and elected eminent cows as their leader. Very soon, the leaders started growing canine teeth, nails, and started eating other cows. This went on, till the cows were exinct.

This reminded me of the "Animal Farm", by George Orwell. There also, the animals ousted the farmers, and took up leadership, but after a short while, Napoleon the pig, and his side-kicks, who were ruling the animals, became could not be distinguished from the human beings, who were oppressing the farmers.

But why am I saying this? The incident I try to bring in context, is the gathering of the grassroots political party, on Wednesday, which is supposed to bring the city to a standstill. These kind of behavior was always attributed to the ruling party of West Bengal, the Marxists. So, you see, all of us wanted a change from the communist rule, but the rule we will be getting is equally bad. The musclemen and criminals, who used to have a symbiotic relationship with the communist party, has now changed colors, and continues to do the same thing, supported by the new nexus with the grassroots party.

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Harish said...

Power corrupts. absolute power absolutely corrupts.